Ohvale gp-0

Italian supermodel. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Ohvale GP-0 is a game changer

It is the brainchild of Valerio Da Lio, industry expert with over thirty years of experience in motorcycle motorsports.  Available in three different engine sizes, 110cc, 160cc, and 190cc, the Ohvale GP-0 is the perfect starter bike for entry level road racers, with opportunity to progress to larger displacement bikes.

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Created from the desire to design a vehicle that offers the fun and ease of riding of a real motorcycle in a daring racing style only professional riders can afford, this small motorcycle allows for the extreme riding style of a real racing bike while dramatically reducing the risk, cost, and transporting conveniences related to road racing and track riding.

The Ohvale GP-0 took Europe by storm in 2015. Since its introduction, the European youth road racing scene has grown substantially, with dedicated Ohvale youth series attracting young racers from all over the world. Europeans starting out on Ohvales have graduated to full size bikes and professional series.  American riders are next in line for road racing development using the Ohvale GP-0.

There is no other motorcycle of the same scale that offers the quality, experience, and rider dynamics as the Ohvale GP-0. It is the solution to the void in development machinery needed to grow U.S. road racing.

A “real” sportbike, not only for its performance but also for the care taken in its construction.

In the case of OHVALE GP-0 the details speak for themselves: every component is conceived for optimal function and performance, increasing the quality and finish of the end product using specific material choices and treatments.

Parts obtained from CNC-machined, solid aluminum billet are: top steering stem with ball bearings, bottom steering and tapered aluminum roller bearings, adjustable handlebars and supports, footpegs, and adjustable shift and brake levers working on bearings with copper seals to ensure functionality and smoothness over time. Tank cap is aeronautical type.

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