Event types

Track day

Track days may be the best bang for your buck.  Nothing but lap after lap to learn and enjoy the Ohvale.  Generally organized by track day companies or race clubs, riders alternate in small groups for 10 - 20 minute sessions.  A good track day leaves you ready for a cold beverage and to reflect on the awesome time you just had.

Sprint Race/Series

Sprint race events offer the opportunity to race in its purest form.  Generally, sprint race rounds are part of a full series or season of events organized by race clubs.  It is possible to join the club and race the full series on an Ohvale in the designated class, or race single events “a la carte.”  If you race a single event, you are not eligible to collect points for overall class championships.  Rules for each club may vary.

Endurance Race/Series

Endurance races run over a set number of hours or laps—typically several hours.  Some races last well into the night, and even as long as 24 hours.  Strategy related to fuel consumption, rider rotation, and pit stops play into endurance races.  Local clubs organize the race and allow teams of riders to compete using a single bike.

Rider Clinic

Rider clinics allow new and experienced riders to focus on technique and application without the chaotic environment associated with races.  Attention to the individual rider is unique to rider clinics. Instruction and drills are the focus of the riding.  Stay tuned, we offer clinics with pro riders that we will be posting dates for. Rider clinics are highly recommended for new riders—and may be required—before entering a race.

Private Event

Private events can range from one-on-one instruction to renting the whole fleet for a special event with your closest riding buddies.  The sky is the limit.  Contact Forza GP for questions and booking.