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ForzaGP Focus Academy: February 17th, Apex Racing Center

ForzaGP is excited to announce the first Focus Academy of 2020.

ForzaGP's mission is to identify, train, and promote America's next road racing stars. The Focus Academy is step number one to ensure young aspiring road racers are developing the proper skills and techniques to be champions on and off the race track.

The Academy will take place on February 17th at Apex Racing Center in Perris, CA (18700 Lake Perris Drive; Perris, CA 92571).

This is a private event. The track will only be open to Academy attendees.

There is a limit of 10 available spots. Riders will be broken up into two groups of five based on experience and/or pace.

While the Academy focuses on the rider and bike dynamics of a GP style chassis, and the Ohvale specifically, there is an option to bring your own minibike. Displacement is limited to 250cc.

Riders of all ages and abilities are welcomed.

Objective: Develop a standardized approach to focused training, resulting in repeatable and consistent technique.

"You're not just taking a riding school, you're a racer in training."

The Focus Academy is designed to establish a training methodology based on focus and deliberate action. Whether you are just learning or are a seasoned racer, the Focus Academy will help you develop methods to analyze the track, create a plan, and progress every time you ride.

All riding sessions will incorporate a mindset and goal setting module prior to going out on the track.


"I’m super excited to have put together a training day with ForzaGP! I’m looking forward to helping teach the next generation of road racers!"


“I’m truly excited and honored to be working with ForzaGP on the promotion and training of the next generation of great road racing talent here in the United States. The future is bright for American road racing!”

-Daytona Anderson


Price per student

$650 with personal bike (minibike under 250cc)

$800-$810 with Ohvale GP-0 rental

Breakfast, Lunch, and ForzaGP swag provided.

Riders under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

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