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Wide Open into 2020!

Happy New Year! With the long anticipated MotoAmerica press release announcing the Ohvale Mini Cup, 2020 has the potential to be a banner year for youth road racing.

ForzaGP team rider, Travis Horn, and Josh Herrin talking shop at Apex Racing Center in Perris, CA.

Thank you for your interest and support during ForzaGP’s first year in 2019. It was an epic journey. I wish I could list all of the people and organizations that were incredible partners as we got started, through the good times and bad, but there are just too many of you.

Thank you to all the moto moms and dads who work so hard (really, really hard!) to support their kid’s dreams. Don’t let those little whipper-snappers forget that they can’t race without you, let alone feed themselves. Give them lots of chores.

Thank you to all those that challenged ForzaGP to deliver a professional program. We didn’t have all the answers all the time, but being challenged has made our mission more focused. 

I think a ‘congratulations’ is due to Rise Moto for all their work bringing Ohvales to the U.S.—and ultimately, MotoAmerica. They have done an excellent job marketing the GP-0 and building industry interest. While plenty of people choose to focus on some of the challenges the sport is facing, Rise Moto has presented a possible solution. Thank you. 

Last, thank you for sticking with us as we enter 2020. I’m confident it will be a pivotal year. 

Evan Alexander on the apex during the Fresh & Lean Challenge

I can’t thank Valerio De Lio enough for developing an amazing training tool that delivers an eleven out of ten on the ‘fun-factor’ scale. While visiting Ohvale headquarters in Italy, I had the pleasure of taking a ride in his custom Vespa sidecar. Within minutes, his youthful exuberance for motorcycles was obvious. In less than a hundred feet from pulling out of the driveway, he had the sidecar—and me—in the air and swerving though the office park. While we couldn’t speak much without a translator, we were laughing and grinning like two kids who just stole an electric Walmart scooter. Motorcycles have a way of transcending language barriers. We have yet to see the full impact of Valerio’s vision but I’m confident that youth road racing is moving toward a promising future thanks to his work.

ForzaGP is honored to be part of the revived interest in developing a strong American motorcycle racing lineage. I don’t think there hasn’t been a sustained interest to develop youth; I know there are leaders in the sport that have been working very hard for our young riders, but the Ohvale has brought a renewed energy due to its riding dynamics and aesthetic. It has given us the ability to see the future of the sport. I love watching young racers on the Ohvale at full lean or hard on the brakes. They look like miniaturized MotoGP superstars. A kid on an Ohvale can look at a picture of himself or herself and visualize their dreams. The possibility becomes very real. I think the possibility is becoming very real for a lot of us right now. MotoAmerica’s commitment to the Ohvale platform and youth road racing has put an exclamation point on the already impressive progress made in 2019.

With a goal to identify and develop young riders, ForzaGP sees training programs and racing support as the two most efficient ways to grow the sport of road racing. We are working hard to develop a comprehensive training and race program, and are excited to announce our partners. You can count on seeing a lot more of our gold wheels this year, including the three MotoAmerica rounds.

Full details of the ForzaGP race program will be released very soon!

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